cholent vegetarisch

cholent   vegetarisch:

1/2 cup white beans  1/2 cup kidney beans  1/2 cup lima beans  3teel. oil  3 large onions, chopped  3 cloves garlic  1/2 cup barley  3large potatoes, peeled cut into chunks 1 15 once tomato sauce
1. put beans in a large bowl and cover with cold water.  soak overnight. drain beans  discard any dried out  beans or stones

2. heat oil in large pot.  saute‘  onions and garlic  5- 7  min.  add  barley and beans.   cover with water  by at least two inches  add salt  and pepper  to taste.  bring to a boil and cook  30 min. over low flame.  add potatoes and tomato sauce and cook 30 min. more.
3. place  cholent in a crock pot  overnight

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